Xbox Live 12 Month Gold

Xbox Live 12 Month Gold
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Xbox Live Gold Membership

Xbox LIVE is the online service for Xbox 360 & Xbox One—and a whole lot more. Your TV is transformed into a connected entertainment experience with Xbox LIVE. Play Kinect and controller games with online friends wherever they are or instantly watch HD movies, TV shows and sports. Use Kinect to discover entertainment options that interest you—just say what you want to watch, and Xbox finds it.

Play Games

There's a world of gaming with Xbox LIVE. Play Kinect and controller games online with friends or family wherever they are. Plus, download arcade or full Xbox 360 & Xbox One games right to your console, and keep them fresh with new songs, workouts and levels.

Be Entertained

Xbox LIVE connects you to amazing entertainment. Whatever you're in the mood for, Xbox LIVE has it—HD movies, TV shows, sports and music too. There are tons of options to choose from, and Kinect makes it easy to find the ones you want.

Stay Connected

Keep in touch with friends and family in exciting new ways with Xbox LIVE. From sharing photos and videos of you having fun to chatting face-to-face on the biggest screen in your house, Xbox LIVE makes it easy and fun to connect with the ones you love.

Enjoy with family

It's easy to make family night into a special occasion with Xbox LIVE. Whether you have fun playing games together or watching HD movies and TV shows, there's something for every member of the family on Xbox LIVE. Family Settings let you decide what family members can watch or play based on titles or ratings, so you're always involved in your family's entertainment choices.

Better with Kinect

With Kinect for Xbox 360 & Xbox One you are the controller. Fly through Neverland with Peter Pan or bring the gym home with a full body fitness workout. Kinect also lets you play, pause and rewind HD movies and sports with your voice or a wave of your hand.

You Say It - Xbox Finds It

Voice Search with Bing makes it easy to find anything on your Xbox 360 & Xbox One. Looking for episodes of your favorite show? Xbox will scour every available source, and bring back everything related to your search. Just tell your Xbox what you want, and it will go get it for you.